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When we talk about loyalty, love and all these things, I personally do think they exist. I’ve seen vast differences in how my dog treats one person versus another person in the family. I can’t say exactly how we measure [a dog’s] love, but I can say one of the ways we can look at the relationship between a dog and a human is the reinforcement history. That could be through traditional training, it could be rewarding the dog with a cookie for sitting. But it could also be the fact that we like to cuddle at night—that’s reinforcing for both of us.

While the New York Times is reporting that Amazon has nearly 70 percent of the smart speaker market (and that will likely increase as Alexa comes to Sonos speakers later this year) and Microsoft has 145 million active Cortana users thanks to Windows 10, both are still trailing behind Google and Apple. Earlier this year Fortune noted that Apple has over 700 million iPhone users—each with Siri inside. Meanwhile Google has billions of Android users who could potentially use “Ok Google” or the new Google Assistant. By comparison, users of Amazon’s and Microsoft’s digital assistants are a drop in the bucket.

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