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Please don’t apologies for the length. The more I know about your history the easier it is for me to give you feedback. I do believe that it is harder to conceive for many woman when they are trying for their second or third child. I believe that it is less about your age and more about how much your life has changed. Now that you have a child you are no longer priority #1, and if you are lucky you are #2. You may not sleep as well or eat as well. Stress may have increased because now you have someone else to care for. There are many factors that play a role in your decrease of antral follicles. I do think that CoQ10 or Ubiquinol is helpful for changing this number but you should not expect to see this change in a couple of months. This will take longer. More importantly I find that many patients who I treat for secondary fertility issues have underlying or subclinical thyroid issues. I would make sure to have a full thyroid panel completed (not just TSH).

Finally, it is important for any man with a history of prostate cancer to maintain his perspective on what is important to him. For some, it is enough to be alive and feeling reasonably well despite prostate cancer treatment. Adding a treatment that may stir up anxiety about their cancer may not be worth any benefit they may experience with regard to sex, mood, energy, or vitality. For others, the important thing is to live well. For them, an improved quality of life may be important enough to take on an unknown degree of risk, including a treatment that still lacks approval from the broader medical community.

So I’m a trans woman 34 years old on hormones for months and I was always skinny. I never felt a need to eat a lot. I need to make a concious effort to eat more than once a day and I like to walk every day. years ago I also became vegan. So anyways, when I do eat a lot of food or a lot of fat most of it goes all to my belly, but if I keep it up I noticed it going to my butt as well… but when I went back to my normal food regimen of being too lazy to eat then I lost most of my butt after two weeks. My belly grows in size a lot just from one or two meals and I don’t like having a giant belly in relation to my mostly skinny body. What can you recommend I do as a vegan on HRT who likes walking every day to get fat in the feminine places without getting a giant belly to go with it?

Natural testostrone

natural testostrone


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